8 Books To Kickstart Your Reading Habit

Hello guys, I am back with another blog on one of my favorite thing ‘Books’. This time apart from reviews, I will answer a question that is asked to me the most! Which is ‘Which book I should read to start my journey of reading books’?

Well, I have made a list of 8 books that will help you get started based on my personal experiences. These books have easy language plus suitable length to become a perfect first book for youth.

Chetan Bhagat Always Works

My first book was 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. I highly recommend Chetan’s book to kickstart your reading habit. The reasons are its highly relatable youth stories and easy vocabulary. Here are some of his books which I recommend;

Five Point Someone: A book on college campus life, love, friendship and heartbreak can be a good book to start. It is gripping and a typical masala book.

One Night At Call Centre: Again a book on youth, life at the call center and everything that happens in love. Every book that Chetan has written is different but they are youth-centric.

The Girl In Room 105: A book that broke my personal stereotype on Chetan Bhagat, thriller, suspense, love and everything that other Chetan bhagat books don’t have.

The Leader Who Had No Title By Robin Sharma: Now if you are one of those who particularly don’t want to start with a romantic book, this is for you! This book is a must-read on leadership, business, and relationships. Robin Sharma is very relatable to youth here and also easy on reading.

I have also done a review on this book, check out the review before you give it a read.

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari: Another classic, Motivational and Enlightening book by Robin Sharma. It’s gripping, relatable to youth in a corporate world or any job. It is a must-read, irrespective of you read this first or not!

Till The Last Breath: An author who I personally like after Chetan Bhagat for love stories is Durjoy Dutta. A typical love story with a very gripping storytelling tone. Young guys and girls who like love stories will not have any problem gulping this sweet story on one go.

The Palace Of Illusions: If you don’t like romance or motivational books, don’t you worry, I have this book for you. Mahabharat, the epic of Indian history told in perspective of Draupadi.

This book caught my eye on the previous line, as I am a huge Mahabharat fan and that too on Draupadi’s perspective was an interesting plot. Chitra Banarjee is flawless in this book and is one of the must-reads on my list.

How To Analyze People On Sight: If you don’t find any of the above books interesting, then directly start reading this book. Because this is for you. A book which is logical, realistic and intuitive. I am still benefiting from this book and it is an easy read too.

Check out my review on this book by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict.

This was it, I have tried my best here to list 8 books which are worthy to kickstart your reading habit. I have made this list in a way that you will read another book after reading these books and that is for sure.

If you have any other doubts or want to give me any tip or ask anything, shoot an email at shivam@contentcity.net or comment on this post and I will make sure to reply asap.

I hope you have a great time reading. Until then, Goodbye!

By: Shivam Joshi

Contact: shivam@contentcity.net

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