Terrorist attacks; 5 basic things, civilians must do.

The heinous act of terrorism has stuck every now and then, making it one of the global problem. Recently a dastardly attack has happened in the Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir. Over 40 soldiers reported martyred in the cowardly attack by Jaish e Mohammad terrorist group. We as a team of Content City highly condemn this horrible act and under the wake of aggressive, revolting and angry environment amongst the civilians, here are the 5 most basic things a civilian must do;

वो बेशक रक्त बहा देते है,
बस तुम दुआ देना मत भूलना।
हमारे खातिर जो कफ़न को गले लगादे,
उस वीर को समर्थन देना मत भूलना।
जो हमारे आज को सवार ने के खातिर शहीद हुए,
तुम उनके भविष्य को संभाल ना मत भूलना।
जो बगैर पहचान रक्षा कर जाए,
उस रक्षा के काबिल बनना मत भूलना।
– Shivam Joshi

Vote Wisely!

From one perspective, there are three aspects, Army forces, Government and us aka the local civilians. Now it is no rocket science that Government has major power to control our army forces, even if we have one of the best army forces, which we do! Government officials, majorly, The Prime Minister, and his cabinet holds enough power to control our defenses. The General Elections in India comes every 5 years and believe me it is not some election where you vote on the basis of the degree of fulfillment of your or your community’s needs! It involves 133.92 crores (reference) people across India, which involves army personnel, farmers and many other people which may live or die due to your single vote. Stop voting people who may benefit you, your home, your community or your relatives, the moment we start thinking about people on borders, farmers, our education and economy on a global level, before voting, that’s when ‘ Acche Din ‘ will start! VOTE WISELY.

Be a better human being.

A total of 1,684 Bravehearts lost their lives in ceasefire violation by Pakistan and other many sorts of terrorist activities between 2005 to 2017 (reference) Does that make you sad? Wait, don’t forget that they lost their lives protecting us! Which includes numerous rapists, shameless non-tax payers, criminals, anti-nationals, robbers, corrupts and infinite hypocritical politicians! Does that make you sadder? Well, it certainly makes me one, The least we can do is to be worthy of protection. You and I know many who don’t need one!

Pulwama terror attacks

Being worthy of protection

Trust on Forces

From the last couple of weeks, we have seen enough suggestions on social media from some of the experienced PUBG, Counterstrike, Fortnite, and God know which other game players, to do what they approve of. I would request this “braves” to take some rest and let the Forces ‘respond’ instead of ‘reacting’ which I know they will! As they are in 100% better physical and psychological state than us (pseudo virtual army). Let the World’s second largest (reference) and the World’s 4th best army deal with this conundrum (reference).

Secure their financial future

I would like to mention two of my poem’s lines here to start with…

जो हमारे आज को सवार ने के खातिर सहीद हुए,
तुम उनके भविष्य को संभाल ना मत भूलना।
It means do not forget to secure the future of those, who died to protect your present! It is not just an ethical deed but it is a moral duty of every citizen to help the family of the martyr, financially. Irrespective of the amount of donation, one must donate whatever they can. Because even if you are eating one meal a day, they still deserve half of that! On our every breath this braves deserves a credit. Do not forget to donate. 80,000 of us have already donated, but we are much more in the numbers (reference).

Your Country needs your Love

We have seen many mini and virtual wars on social media. Please do not hold hatred for anyone! This hatred will make you feel the burn, heaviness and will make you react rather than respond! Your country needs your love, care, and attention, stop the hate. The common enemy always unites people, we need to show that unity and warmth towards one another and with our saviors. Stop excuses, political games, finger pointings, and so on. Stand tall, close and strong to each other. Jai Hind

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By: Shivam Joshi


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