Hi everyone, this is our first blog on Blogging Tips Blog. We were planning to create this blog so that we can help our fellow bloggers and some aspiring bloggers from our own blogging experience.

Some of you might know that we are blogging for 16 months, but we are eager to share whatever we have learned from this amazing 16 months.

Most of the bloggers are worried about how to keep creating quality content which is the most crucial thing for a blogger. We have created more than 60 blogs and we are going to share this tip.

Let’s get started.

Be A Voracious Content Consumer


I know a lot of people will tell you that a producer never consumes! but my friend blogging/content creation is different. You need to be interested in the type of content you are creating and you need to consume a lot of content.

Irrespective of the niche, keep consuming content from every place you can! Most of the bloggers are anyway interested in all sorts of content but if you are not one of them, heads up, consume the content.

You might be confused about this tip but once you consume a lot of different type of content you will know why this tip is here.

Everything is connected!

You never know what sort of content triggers different content. This has happened and it’s my own personal experience.

Now I am giving some examples of the type of raw content you can consume; Remember these are my personal points, you can consume for wherever you want.

  • It can be a video/movie.
  • It can be a book or a magazine.
  • A simple tweet, Instagram or a Facebook post.
  • An answer on Quora, Medium or any other platform.

Trust the Process

Just Chill

This is the easiest but a challenging step. It requires you to trust the process and have a lot of patience. The raw content you consumed is going to be super effective.

Continue your urge to create content for your specific niche and the content you consumed will work like a charm.

This process is called the unconscious processing of the content you consumed. You might doubt this phase but keep patience and in some time you will know when the moment will arrive.

The Eureka Moment!

Eureka Moment

2 steps of consuming the content and letting it settle unconsciously along with an urge to create something noble for your audience will trigger a Eureka Moment.

All this exercise will get you an idea which will be a result of all this. Remember you read before, everything is connected!

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A lot of bloggers make this mistake that they only consume content of their own niche. If you are one of them or you know someone who does this please share this blog with them!


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By: Shivam Joshi

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