The largest democratic Lok Sabha elections recently gave its results. There is always a winner and some losers in everything but what can we really learn from these mega elections. These are the 6 things to learn from Lok Sabha Elections 2019:

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1. Two or more wrongs together doesn’t make things right!


In 2014 when BJP swept majority seats along with the floor beneath Gandhi family. They had 4 years to do something about it if we keep aside 1 year for campaigning.  Guess what they come up with? A Mahagathbandhan! I didn’t notice any other strategic step than this in this year’s Lok Sabha Elections. The common enemy brings unity. Although, the alliance is very powerful but not when you choose the wrong one! However, I don’t blame them for choosing those they did because lucky us these are other oppositions we have in India. But that clearly teaches us, an alliance is better with quality options otherwise,  it may fail flat. So I would say when you are up against a mighty opponent, build yourself properly first and then you can encourage others to fight with you.  You cannot rub off your mates with encouragement when you clearly know you yourself are not build up yet.

2. It’s still a challenge for humans to lose with grace.

What was the first thing opposition did, when exit polls of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 started coming? EVM hacking, EVM-VVPAT mistakes, sold out Election Commission and many more baseless allegations. People who are contesting the biggest democratic election on this planet, who are meant to rule and govern us, are throwing such tantrums. What example does it set for the future generation? Meanwhile, do not forget the whole world is watching this Lok Sabha elections 2019 and these people are leaving any stone unturned in degrading India’s image on a Global front. Centuries of life passed and we are still yet to learn how to face defeat gracefully.

The first step to win after you lost, is to accept the defeat in its entirity!

-Shivam Joshi

3. Why sometimes things change from vanity to liability?

Let me ask you who was responsible for the loss of UPA in 2019 elections? I bet 95% would have thought Gandhi family. But how it happened? You might still remember days when the Gandhi family were the reason for their flawless winning streaks. How the world suddenly got upside down? No, it was not suddenly. It took them multiple terms of not fulfilling the trust that was kept on them and the power which was given to them.

Reason for the loss of UPA

Vanity becomes liability when you don’t use your potential which brought you this far, in its true sense.

-Shivam Joshi

4. Why we should never take anything for granted?

Driving out opposition parties from campaigning inside the state which is under your power by manpower. Using communalism to tackle the elections, using all those ways of winning which you never believed in as a fresher in politics. These all define one woman.

Didi is the classic example of someone who changed her ideology which brought her this far and at last has to bear the consequences. She loved Bengal so much that the affection has turned into suffocation for the people of Bengal. And this political kingpin will not let this opportunity go away!

Amit Shah the kingping of BJP

5. Why you would lose even if you have served well?

The IITian who was someone I thought will go a long way but certainly, that didn’t happen. The man who entered politics with having the agenda of giving India the 3rd alternative which we deserve. He is another example of someone who lost because he killed his own ideologies which gave him hefty win in his debut. Arvind Kejriwal is the first example of someone who did good work in his area but in his quest of trying to bring a change, he forgets how you approach a revolution also matters. Because even Lalu wants to bring a change but his ways are different. Kejriwal did following things which he shouldn’t do in the future;

  • Asking for support from one of the party because of which you entered the politics with the aim of giving an alternative.
  • He worked very well in Delhi, but again the way he conducted himself was pathetic. His anecdotes like getting slapped in public, giving interviews to anti-Modi comedian, using low-level politics to win against Gautam Gambhir.

As I said Arvind was the first on my list of politicians who could go a long way, the second was Didi. No I will not take her name or post her picture. Because I am too scared of going to the Jail at this age.

6. What happens when you have weak opposition?

Ask any businessman and he will say monopoly is one of the most dangerous things. I am scared, worried and surprised that literally, we do not have a potent opposition. We certainly don’t want our favorite Modi Ji to turn into a Mad King because of no proper opposition! I don’t want it to happen but you never know the power this throne has.

Narendra Modi wins 2019 Elections

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By: Shivam Joshi