Five Abstains in Buddhism

First Let me clear the dust from the frame of Buddhism, It is a religion that was founded by Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha) more than 2500 years ago in India. Here Buddha means the ‘Enlightened‘ one. The religion historically has been most prominent in the areas like East and South-East Asia and has millions of followers, nowadays its influence is growing in west.

Idol of Buddha

Types of Buddhism:-

It is represented according to the specific geographical areas across the world.

  1. Theravada Buddhism:- They recite mostly in Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma & Laos.
  2. Tibetan Buddhism:- They recite mostly in Tibet , Nepal , Mongolia, Bhutan, Northern India & parts of Russia.
  3. Mahayana Buddhism:– They recite mostly in Japan, Taiwan , China, Korea, Vietnam & Singapore.

Abstains in Buddhism

  • Abstain from killing living things
  • Abstain from taking what is not given
  • Abstain from sensuous misconduct
  • Abstain from Lying
  • Abstain from using drugs or alcohol

Abstain from killing living things

Taking life means to murder anything that is living, to terminate the life-force in it. It includes Physical action, by speech & even in thoughts, they believe that killing is one of the biggest sins they can conduct. Even the wish to kill anyone is considered as sin.

“If you can’t create anything, you have no right to destroy it” 

-Shubham Panchal

Abstain from taking what is not given

To take what is not given directly refers to stealing someone else’s property. someone else’s belongings, the awareness that they are someone else’s, the thought of theft, the action of carrying it out, taking away as a result of it, These all factors are applicable in stealing and in Buddhism it is prohibited.

Abstain from Sensuous Misconduct

Sensuous misconduct means ‘Extreme sexually bad behavior’, Against one will if someone forces themselves on you in physical action is a crime as severe as murder. Nowadays it applies to both gender Men and women, Earlier it was seen that women was bought in trade for money, mistresses kept for fun, slave girls, temporary wives, girls captured in war, etc. they were nothing but compared to one’s property.  Abstain applies for someone who is virgin, thought of copulating with such person, actions which led such copulation & actual performance.

Abstain from Lying

Now this is a two faced sword, lying to someone is also like bits of paper in dustbin, they helps piling up and filling the dustbin, Lying is similar. But I think it’s not the only way to judge lying, it totally depends on which context it is said to whom. Sometimes a small lie can save the biggest destruction, just like form Mahabharata ‘Yudhisthira’ told that Ashvatthama (son of Drona) died to Dronacharya and the war was won, but actually it represented about the elephant Ashvatthama. But in Buddhism lying is abstained.

Abstain from using Drugs & Alcohol

By following it they say it’s a traditional way of detoxifying our bodies and minds. But it can be challenging at events where alcohol is considered as the way of socialization and relaxation, but with the power of one’s will and true commitment, it is possible to overcome. It doesn’t mean they abstain the drugs which are prescribed as the medication.

Dalai lama

Followers of Buddhism are strict to the ways Buddha practiced for self-Enlightening, we all know about the ‘Dalai Lama’, the leading monk in Tibetan Buddhism, there have been 14 Dalai lamas throughout history. The Dalai Lama also governed Tibet until the Chinese took control in 1959. The current Dalai Lama, Lhamo Thondup, was born in 1935. There are many philosophies and interpretations within Buddhism, making it a tolerant and evolving religion.

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