SOLIDWORKS is basically a 3D modelling software, developed by Dassault Systems which enables us to create a part, assembly and drawing of a particular application. It also provides a platform for analysis of the part/assembly to some extent. Furthermore we can also simulate the assembly and make it as a working model by giving motion. Apart from these above mentioned features of Solidworks; the software provides many more.


  • Solidworks comprises of three major sections

  1. In part section, sketch is created of the desired model with appropriate dimensions and parts are made with the help of different FEATURES which gives a real look to the part.
  2. In Assembly section, different parts are combined with the help of MATES to create whole assembly.
  3. In Drawing section, 2D drawing sheet is made which indicates proper dimensions of each and every part. Later this drawing sheet goes to the manufacturing unit so that actual product can be made as per the dimensions and shapes given in the drawing sheet.



  • Open the solidworks software, go to New and select PART.

  • After opening the part section, you will find the screen shown below.
  • You can see the menu bar comprising many options. Amongst them select SKETCH.
  • In sketch menu, there are many shapes given to sketch as per our requirement. We can easily identify the shape from the menu.
  • Before you start to sketch choose the appropriate plane i.e. Front plane, Right side plane and Top plane. Sketch planes are to be chosen according to the viewing side (plane) from which the viewer see. The plane options will the shown in left side of the editing window.

This is also one of the important thing of which one should take care while sketching; because the part will be made according to the plane chosen by you.

To select the plane, let’s say if we want to draw in front plane than: right click on front plane and select normal to button than start to draw.

Initially the plane will appear in isometric view so to bring the plane in to 2D view we use normal to option. This enables us to sketch with ease.


  • Another Important part of the sketch is to give dimensions to the sketch. As we come across the word dimension, the first thing comes to our mind is its unite. in which unit(s) sketch is sketched.
  • Solidworks also provides different triplets of units in length, weight and time. This allows us to dimension the sketch in our convenient units. 

MKS     (Meter, Kilometer, Second)

CGS      (Centimeter, Gram, Second)

MMGS (Millimeter, Gram, Second)

IPS        (Inch, Pound, Second)

  • We can select the units from the unit button given in bottom right corner in the editing window.
  • To give dimension click the respective line, or curve and just click at any point. To change the dimension double click the given dimension and edit the value.


Note:    This is the most important part of the sketch. Give proper dimensions to make your sketch fully defined.

  • We can see mainly three types of sketch status:       Under defined

Fully defined

Over defined   

WE can see the status of sketch in the bottom right most corner in the editing part window.     

a)  Under defined sketch indicates that the proper dimensions are lacking in the sketch. As a result the sketch will be of blue color.

 b)  Fully defined sketch indicates that the sketch is well dimensioned and here the sketch is shown in black color.

 c) Over defined sketch indicates that some of the dimensions are repeated and hence over defined. Here sketch will be of yellow or red color.

In our next content we will see different operations we can do with our sketch followed by the sketch features to make 3D part from a 2D sketch. We will also see what the other menu(s) does and its role in solid modelling apart from sketch.


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