So, fellas recently we got a real image of a Black hole thanks to the decades of work of scientists and engineers who helped get the image.

This article is all about Frequently Asked Questions of Black Holes. Leading question is..

Que – Are Black holes real?

Ans – Yes, they are very real, proved by recent captured image of a Black hole which is at center of galaxy Messier 87.

Que – Did Stephen Hawking discovered Black holes?

Ans – That’s a hard NO. Black holes were first predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916 with his general relativity theory. Interesting fact is Einstein did’t coined the term Black hole, it was coined by an American Astronomer named John Wheeler in 1967 and later in 1971 Black holes were discovered.

Que – Black holes… hmm!! Do they come in variants?

Ans – Well yes, technically here variant just means difference in size. But yeah, there are 3 types of Black holes classified as per size.

  1. Super-massive Black holes – As name suggests, they are super-massive (like thousand times massive than our Sun), these black holes are the engines of galaxies. They can be found at the center of galaxies. Even our own Milky Way galaxy has a Super-massive black hole in its center.
  2. Intermediate Black holes – These type of black holes are under research yet, we don’t know much about their function in the Universe.
  3. Stellar Black holes – When a larger Star run outs of fuel and collapses due to its own gravity, Stellar black holes are formed, these type can be found in galaxies in abundance.

There is also another kind of classification, like there are Rotating and Non-rotating Black holes.

Que – Can we time travel if we go inside a Black hole?

Ans – Alright, this is kind of a Sci-Fi inspired myth. Ok, I agree we cannot say for sure that we can travel through time by going inside black hole as we do not know what its made of or even how it functions, but I can say for sure that hyper gravity of black hole will question our odds of surviving going near to a Black hole Even massive stars gets torn apart when they go near a black hole. Light gets trapped by its gravity. Finally we cannot say anything regarding time travel using black hole as we as in whole humanity doesn’t know what it is in actual.

Que – What is a Black hole made of?

Ans – In short, We(as in whole humanity) DO NOT know. Ofcourse it will be matter of some kind but what exactly we do not know.

Que – How did we get first ever image of a Black hole?

Ans – There was a whole team behind this working for decades using EHT (Event Horizon Telescope). Well, its not easy to capture a black hole, they collaborated with almost all major on ground telescopes around the globe and merged their data, thus making Earth itself a huge telescope. More in depth details you can find on NSF (National Science Foundation) website.

Que – Why it is hard to capture an image of a Black hole?

Ans – A major reason is, black hole’s gravity doesn’t even let light escape, so its very hard to capture an image.

Que – How many Black hole’s are there in our galaxy, Milky Way?

Ans – Approximately there are around 10 million black holes in our galaxy according to Astronomers.

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Author – Darsh Panchal.

Image source – Event Horizon Telescope [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons