• Title: How to analyze people on sight.
  • Category: Self help book.
  • Author: Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict.

  • Overview: The authors initially throws a relevant and credible scientific basis about how the type of body speaks volume on different levels. The authors build a sound and trusted foundation on which they have divided the humans into 5 main body types. The Alimentive, The Thoracic, The Muscular, The Osseous, and The Cerebral. After the introductory session author dives right into the categories and explains the keys and the sequence to identify the body type along with the type’s psychological and emotional reactions based on the body type.

Likes, dislikes, walk, talk up to the profession which will benefit them and much more in between. The explanation, tempo and details are perfectly stitched together in each chapter. At the end of the 5 main chapters on body types, writers explains the concept of combinations of body types and the method of identifying them very vividly. The chapter on ‘ Which types should marry and shouldn’t marry’ is also well knitted along with suitable occupation for each type. Attraction, Life partners,or Business partners this book has it all!

The book provides concrete method to identify people on sight, which will be beneficiary in multiple fields. The book will give you legit information, learning, an easy read and altogether a new ride in a different dimension.

  • Reviewer’s personal comments: If you are en route to becoming a next sherlock holmes, this book will never make you one, but it will definitely intrigue you for sure. The book will help you succeed in making you commendable in rapid assessment of the subject which will surely help in many cases such as business, marketing, partner selection and much more. The book is surely very successful in explaining what it wants to explain without creating any doubts. Remember this book will help you judge people but not feel them. Book has its limitations as the question of change in the character of a particular person as life progresses is not answered satisfactorily. I warn that humans are bound in the boundaries of its own creation but this won’t work on some who are boundless in their own characters.

The book performs excellently on proving a point about how we can only make best out of what we have but it somewhat fails in answering the question of expanding the boundaries. Overall it was a great read.

  • Pages: 192 pages (Paperback)
  • Year of publishing: 1921

Reviewer: Shivam Joshi

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