Title: The Forty Rules of Love

Category: Literary fiction

Elif Shafak

Author: Elif Sahafak

Author: Elif Shafak

Overview: The Turkish-British novelist holds her outspoken and bold tang throughout the book. The book starts in 2008 with a firm background build on one of the main character Ella. It quickly shifts to the other parallel storyline set around 1250. Writing skills of the author will impress you with the way she narrates two storylines set in a very different era. The story takes its time at the beginning, with the characters of Shams of Tabriz and Ella but it is interesting. Each character is given its due justice with time, accuracy and incredible smoothness. There are a lot of characters in the book and not a single one looks the forced one!

The writer is impeccable in her skills to roll two stories and that too flawless. However, the stories are far distinct but the essence which binds them is always there and she will make you feel that. The characters of Rumi and his family along with their internal relationships are meticulously explained. The journey of Ella and Shams of Tabriz in two parallel worlds will break you, only to make you better.

The 40 rules of love are garnished all over the book. The quotes of shams, conversations of Rumi and Shams will take you on a whole new dimension of love. The parallel story of Ella and Aziz will give you the taste of modern love while keeping the maturity of love (the version of Elif Shafak) perpetual. The sections in which the book is divided are as interesting as every word and sentence of this book. Overall this book is a need of an hour in this era of hard and fast love.

Reviewer’s personal comments:

  • Absolute classic! I don’t know when this book’s hangover will end.
  • If you want to read on love, this is it. I am not talking about the regular love novel. This is different!
  • If you are a Rumi fan, stop everything and read it now.
  • This easily goes into one of my favorite bucket of books.
  • You are going to know a lot about Rumi but you are going to fall for Shams of Tabriz!
  • By far this is the best book on love I have ever read.

Pages: 421

Year of Publishing: March 2009

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Other literary marvels of Elif Shafak:

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Review By: Shivam Joshi.

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