Title: The Great Gatsby

Category: Novel, Fiction

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Overview: The literary classic and a book which is considered “Great American Novel” among some mass, is set in a post-WWI era. The story revolves around Jay Gatsby and his love interest. The novel which was widely accepted and celebrated after the death of its author starts on a very discrete and detailed plot of, The philosophy of Jazz Age or Modernism. Scott Fitzgerald quickly shifts the focus towards the lifestyle of Jay Gatsby after forming a grand foundation of the conditions of America socially, economically and much more. The author does prominent work on building the character of Jay Gatsby with utmost details through the eyes of Nick Carraway, most of the characters are knitted and displayed through the perspective of Nick. The plot moves seamlessly towards covering the bonding between Jay and Nick which is seen and cherished till the end of this Grand Novel. The book doesn’t disappoint in emotions, drama, solid suspense, romance and some hard but real facts about life.

The amount of time taken by the author in introducing the characters and the environment around them seems worthy once the tempo increases at the end of this piece of brilliance. The ending of this book is when Scott shows a Jay Gatsby present in every common man around the globe. The last page makes sense of every extra page taken by the author at the starting of the book. No wonder it made hundreds and thousands of articles to be written about the different perspectives on the ending of The Great Gatsby.

Reviewer’s personal comments:

  • This book got included in my bucket of favorite books on the last chapter, so hang in there! It’s worth your time and confusions.
  • This is the first book which is revolving around the love interest of the main character but still touches every genre a book could cover! So if you are assuming it to be a regular lovey-dovey book, then believe me don’t read it with that notion.
  • It was a difficult book to review as I left some things out of the review. I don’t want to spoil anything for you.
  • There are very few books which shook me, this was one of that! The last quote will stay with me till my death. I am not writing it here coz, without reading the whole book that gem of a quote will not make sense to you.
  • If you have not read any book till now, don’t choose this book as your first one. I don’t want you to quit it after reading a few chapters.
  • There is a movie made on this book, watch it only for my favorite; Leonardo Dicaprio.

Pages: 190

Year of Publishing: April 1925

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