Title: The Prophet

Category: Life and Human Condition, Prose and Poetry

Author: Kahlil Gibran

Overview: The legendary poet’s best work starts with the scene of the prophet, Al Mustafa leaving for his hometown. He has waited long to go back to his Isle of birth. The Lebanese-American poet perfectly stages a situation where people want to hear the words of wisdom from their beloved on some important things before the prophet goes back. The poetic sageness commences, touching every basic and crucial aspect of life. All the 26 chapters throw light on 26 significant factors of life that every one of us goes through. The most loved poet of all time is sharp, crystal clear and accurate in his words explaining in a poetic tune about every part of our life. Starting with what is Love, going through some salient terms like Marriage, Relationships, Clothes, Religion and ends on Death prose. 

Before AL Mustafa leaves he throws light on everything a human must know and live by in his journey of life. The diamond-like words weaved through poetic rhythm will give you chills.

Reviewer’s personal comments:

  • Whether you like reading or not, all 26 prose poetry covering 26 aspects is a must-read. Especially for youth.
  • Anything that Kahlil Gibran writes, is always something to live by.
  • If you don’t like poetry, you might get a little bored.
  • It is so close to the conversation between Krishna and Arjun in Bhagavad Geeta.

Pages: 107

Year of Publishing: 1923

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