Title: The Jethro Parables

Category: Fiction, Fantasy

Author: Justin Fillmore

Overview: Justin Fillmore straightaway starts his debut book by introducing its main character Jethro T. Sully along with a flawless description of the dry countryside and the horrible circumstances a dry age brings. Debutant author precisely and subtly builds the perfect foundation of Jethro’s character and the situation of the era in its first chapter itself. The strong foundation allows different characters like the horse of the Jethro, The characters at the watering hole and not to forget The Reverend which has a significant role in this short but nailbiting narration. The author’s quintessential portrayal of the impact of Jethro’s past and global conditions on its current lifestyle, hesitancy in building new relations and his strained thoughts on going to church is impeccable. The silver lining is the writer’s coherent fabrication of Jethro’s regular brawls, action sequences along with his feelings for both prominent female characters  Leaping Meadow and Amber.

The story spins finely from Jethro’s stuck living in his past from moving forward through all the characters in the book towards self-realization and clarity of life. Throughout this ride, Jethro’s witty self pep talk, his group conversation with his beloved family and his anecdotes with the horse keeps the reader chuckling and smiling.  All the emotional, heartbreaking, mourning and fighting sequences pave an interesting route to a near perfect peaceful ending which we as a reader and Jethro deserved.

Reviewer’s personal comments:

  • Justin Fillmore you genius, how can you not give away any debutant’s flaw? Outstanding!
  • I have read works of many authors but precisely Justin’s skill to write comic and action sequences are stand apart!
  • You might think the book is too short but believe me, it is very well and concisely written.
  • You will 100% turn back pages to understand the ending again! Yeah, it is one of those books.
  • I tried to imagine the character of Jethro and The Bronn of Game of Thrones that sellsword who played the champion for Tyrion Lannister, that’s what came to my mind.
  • This book has everything one can expect from a book and it won’t take long! An advantage.

Pages: 83

Year of Publishing: 17th May 2019

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The Jethro Parables

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