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Book Review: The Forty Rules of Love

Title: The Forty Rules of Love

Category: Literary fiction

Elif Shafak

Author: Elif Sahafak

Author: Elif Shafak

Overview: The Turkish-British novelist holds her outspoken and bold tang throughout the book. The book starts in 2008 with a firm background build on one of the main character Ella. Continue reading

Book Review: The Prophet

Title: The Prophet

Category: Life and Human Condition, Prose and Poetry

Author: Kahlil Gibran

Overview: The legendary poet’s best work starts with the scene of the prophet, Al Mustafa leaving for his hometown. He has waited long to go back to his Isle of birth. The Lebanese-American poet perfectly stages a situation where people want to hear the words of wisdom from their beloved on some important things before the prophet goes back. Continue reading

Book Review: The Jethro Parables

Title: The Jethro Parables

Category: Fiction, Fantasy

Author: Justin Fillmore

Overview: Justin Fillmore straightaway starts his debut book by introducing its main character Jethro T. Sully along with a flawless description of the dry countryside and the horrible circumstances a dry age brings. Debutant author precisely and subtly builds the perfect foundation of Jethro’s character and the situation of the era in its first chapter itself. The strong foundation allows different characters like the horse of the Jethro, The characters at the watering hole and not to forget The Reverend which has a significant role in this short but nailbiting narration. Continue reading

Book Review: The Great Gatsby

Title: The Great Gatsby

Category: Novel, Fiction

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Overview: The literary classic and a book which is considered “Great American Novel” among some mass, is set in a post-WWI era. The story revolves around Jay Gatsby and his love interest. The novel which was widely accepted and celebrated after the death of its author starts on a very discrete and detailed plot of, The philosophy of Jazz Age or Modernism. Scott Fitzgerald quickly shifts the focus towards the lifestyle of Jay Gatsby after forming a grand foundation of the conditions of America socially, economically and much more. Continue reading

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