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Why every website must use an SSL Certificate? (Introduction and key benefits)

Hey guys, so we have invited another guest blogger. We want to do this on a regular basis to keep things interesting by introducing you to some quality bloggers/writers. You can know about Virendra at the bottom in his intro. Over to him;

Security should be the number one priority for every website today, as the number of cyber-attacks is rapidly increasing over the years.

This is the era of digital transformation where every business has its website. And anything on the internet is vulnerable to cyber threats. On a website, customers submit their personal information, like contact info, bank details, credit card number, etc. Hence, it is important for every business to ensure that all these data remain secure.

If they lose this data, it can negatively impact the credibility and reputation of the business. Plus, customers and visitors wouldn’t like to visit a website that is not secure. In fact, they will also warn others about the same.

According to a Clark School study at the University of Maryland, hackers attack every 39 seconds.

That’s the reason every website should strengthen its security by installing an SSL Certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

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Your answers to the questions which restricts your change

First off, Thanks to content city team for giving me chance and they are the best set of people I have till now.
I have a habit of just being adrift in my thoughts for hours(Some people will say overthinking), and in it, one favorite topic of mine is, What does change, brings us?
I will try to give you an insight on change by asking questions to your self.


Just think what happens if you wore the same clothes every day or have to eat the same food every day (For food I really can’t). Change is the important thing that we have in our life. Some are like I can’t/won’t change which has cost them more than what that they can afford (At least that’s what we have heard). So it is what it is (The first question)????

Will, I able to do it? Will I get over him? Will, I able to handle this mess?

And always the answer is I can’t or I won’t be able to and yes that’s the end and no story after it. Here I just wanted to tell you that, just ask these questions, but don’t try to answer it by your assumptions, keep the mountain of your self-doubt aside. These assumptions are what that had taken many people down, it can make a millionaire an ice cream seller, the best couple to get divorced or get separated, the smarty pant to get dropped out. Remember we still are young nothing to lose, nothing on life except the time, which is only our investment.

Can I just give it a shot anyway?

Oh yeah now many of us will think due to Circumstances we cant! But its always the other way, The circumstances will change if you have that will. You just have to paddle hard enough. Another factor that adds up to hard work is a bit of self-control (Synonym: Discipline). If you see the track record of any successful person they are persistent with their schedule. I have always believed that What gets scheduled, gets done. Also, try to keep this rule in your head “6 months of tireless effort will push you 2 years ahead”. But even before the ship sail’s we fail to direct the rudder. Many people wanted to work hard enough but in which direction they don’t know.

Having a planned destination is halfway set.

To reach a place, we have to know first where to go else it will get us nowhere. This can be dodge by asking the question What will I do if money is not a thing, Believe me, a simple answer here can make your world upside down.
But hey I have seen people desperately following a path that they failed at. So what if I am one of them?
Their lies a saying “Anyone who had never make a mistake has never tried anything new”, Mistakes are the proof that we know something that’s not going to work but that wisdom originated from it will guide us to more precise path, in the end, its all about getting to destination via one path or another, but also keep in mind that Mistakes repeated more than once is a decision.
I have reached the top at a young age, is there any competition with me?
When you are young you believe it when people tell you how good you are, And that’s the danger you inhale Everyone will tell you you’re a genius which you are not and if you understand that you WIN. I know it sound complicated (What’s wrong in that people are uplifting me, I am feeling good of it, how can I ignore this stuff). This things are just meant to hinder you from your path. Once you are blinded with your pride you grow up, You inner child die, the creativity dies, the essence of hard work that was giving you satisfaction dies. You think that things will stay the way they are and you dont have to bring the CHANGE (The change is the thing that had given rise to the two TRILLION DOLLAR companies). But it is always that we have to keep working, It’s not the destination that fullfil our soul but it’s the PROCESS.

By: Akshar Tank (Guest Writer)

Importance of understanding your body type for the better health

We have numerous questions regarding our health like;
  • What is our body type?
  • The biggest question many people have and exactly what kind of food they should eat and what kind of workout they have to do (raps, weight, time etc..)

As we move ahead we will try to solve this issues on basis of the body types.

So, basically, there are three types of bodies 1) Ectomorph 2)Endomorph 3) Mesomorph

Let’s find out our body type;

1) Ectomorph:

Small frame, lean muscle mass, doesn’t gain weight easily, very fast metabolism, flat chest, small thin legs, thin hands, small shoulders, now if your body has six out of these nine factors simply your body type is “Ectomorph”.

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