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Five Abstains in Buddhism

First Let me clear the dust from the frame of Buddhism, It is a religion that was founded by Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha) more than 2500 years ago in India. Here Buddha means the ‘Enlightened‘ one. The religion historically has been most prominent in the areas like East and South-East Asia and has millions of followers, nowadays its influence is growing in west.

Idol of Buddha

Types of Buddhism:-

It is represented according to the specific geographical areas across the world.

  1. Theravada Buddhism:- They recite mostly in Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma & Laos.
  2. Tibetan Buddhism:- They recite mostly in Tibet , Nepal , Mongolia, Bhutan, Northern India & parts of Russia.
  3. Mahayana Buddhism:– They recite mostly in Japan, Taiwan , China, Korea, Vietnam & Singapore.

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Ranchhod – Fame or shame?

We are all aware of the tag “Ranchhod” attached to the name of Lord Krishna, actually, it is one of many names or tags are given to him, describing his different natures and versatility of his character. Lord Krishna being the most notorious and unpredictable god stays close to one’s heart in all manners and due to that friendly nature sometimes people gave him nicknames.

The most debatable name given to him as I think is the tag “Ranchhod” it means “one who ran away from the battlefield”. But I will suggest you not to judge from names because he is one of the most unpredictable god among all. So what should we conclude about this tag?

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Whenever the line Indian medicinal science is uttered, we all will automatically start imagining of the two legendary sages ‘MAHARISHI SHUSHRUTA’ & ‘MAHARISHI CHARAKA’ who pioneered the ancient Indian medical science.

Medical is such a vast and widespread field. Nowadays every surgeon, doctor, nurses and any other related to medical field studies tons of stuff before they actually become a professional, as their profession directly affects the lives of people. In present scenario their studies and practice are carried under professionals but sometimes they have to pay a huge amount to get certified as professional.

The medical heritage of India is oldest among all. There are evidences of surgical operations, curing diseases & treatment of broken bones since vedic period. Then in 6th century BC and in 2nd century AD the time came where the two great sages ‘MAHARISHI SHUSHRUTA’ & ‘MAHARISHI CHARAKA’ dominated Indian medicinal science respectively.

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Evolution of Indian cultures and traditions.

Comparing our evolution to our Ancestors what we have today is more digitization, newer and efficient techniques for our needs which shows how fast we are evolving as homosapiens.

Today everyone is adopting western culture in India, following every single traits like the westerosis, we are lost in a black hole of technical advancement based on western culture that we take less courage to appreciate our own India culture, who taught world the art of living.
We can say our Ancestors were the creators of our cultures and traditions, leaded us to this page of life.

The Ancestors we are talking about were way to smart and creative they build such inspirational civilizations in that period when rest of the world was just living in the stone age knowing much less about what they are made for or even they didn’t knew to cover there bodies with clothes, that’s the main reason everyone in the world was so curious about India and invaded it many times for the quality of life here given by The Indus valley civilization.

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