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Why these things have not changed over decades?

If you think at every passing minute, there is something out there changing or evolving than gear up, you are going to read about some human anecdotes which are not affected by this universal law of change. The reason for this massive achievement is our ego, ignorance, and god knows what more! Check out what are these things that we have not moved on from decades.

Change in celebrating festivals

The 10 years challenge!

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How to make our social media a better place to socialize?

Hello guys, this is Shivam Joshi back again with yet another article which I hope will deliver ‘ The Content You Deserve’. The topic today is really interesting because factually, an average of 116 minutes a day is spent on this interactive computer-mediated technology that facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. In short Social Media. 😉

We are going to discuss further;

  • Why we need to manage our social media to make it better and in what sense?
  • Steps to make it more efficient.

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4 Teacher- Student pairs about whom you need to know on this Teachers Day!

Teacher and Student are one of that pair without which the growth of this world, irrespective of the field is unimaginable. We present you 4 Teacher- Student pairs about whom you need to know on this Teachers Day. Their Conversations, Relation, and Incidents will not only inspire you but will also enrich you with knowledge and Character. Enjoy Reading.

‘Guru'(Master) Vasistha and student Lord Rama:

Lord Rama along with his brothers and other students use to stay at ‘Guru’ Vasistha’s ‘Ashram’ (Hermitage). At early morning after worshiping God and offering their prayer to their ‘Guru’  students would gather and listen to their teacher’s lecture. We will present a decent dialect between Rama and Vasistha.

Master: Where were we yesterday dear Rama?

Rama: Sir we were discussing regarding ‘punya‘ (virtue) and ‘pap’ (sin) but it was already dusk and the topic remained incomplete.

Master: Yes, so ‘punya’ my dear students is nothing but unconditional love towards one another and society. While ‘pap’ is hatred against any human being. A soul caught in the cycle of virtue and sin, dies and reborn again and again in various wombs. One can only break this cycle by being above both virtue and sin.

Rama: Sir, But a normal person throughout his life will definitely get involved in ‘karma’ (Act) and it will be either evaluated as sin or virtue. Then how come will we able to break this cycle?

Master: You are right Rama, A man must act but when his action becomes detached and devoid from its result, then the soul gets freed from the result of the act and thus breaks the cycle and achieves ‘mukti’ (Salvation).

One of the step towards achieving this other than ‘bhakti’ (Total devotion to God) is changing the perspective and becoming the audience. When a person is a viewer he enjoys even the sorrows and struggle of the actor.

The person can only make ego-less decision and improvements by separating himself from his body and viewing the body as a doer. Thus, be the viewer and watch yourself then you can make unconditional decisions in life and will enjoy this biggest play of life.

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Importance of Plan B aka Balancing!

Under the darkness of the night,

In the middle of the busy city light,

When the demon of questions hold you tight,

Demon which falls only when you have a thought process bright,

I bet The Plan “B” holds the key right.


  • Should I just focus on my career or enjoy with my family?
  • Work for my career success or enjoy life?
  • Improve intellectually or build up physique?
  • Should I love unconditionally from my heart or I should express love through different material things?
  • Spent time together or maintain distance?
  • Self-confidence or humility?
  • To be practical or believe in magic?
  • Study or Extracurricular activities?
  • To express the emotions or suppress them?
  • Even, How to live life?.

And many more like this might amuse you at any time or in any situations of your life.

What is plan “b”?

In the word PLAN “B”, B stands for nothing but the word Balancing. Simple, old but I assure effectively!

Hold your horses and you will find, HOW?

Let me take you across a story, where I first found the significance this word holds. It is a short story from my one of the favorite book The Alchemist (A novel by Paulo Coelho. I personally recommend you to read this book and even others of him.)

So the story goes like this…

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