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25 Quotes On Friendship Which Will Make You Remember Your Every Friend Ever

Well, its a pity that there is just one day dedicated to this beautiful relation humans have ever created. However, lets not just be too greedy and live the one day we have got for Friendship to its fullest. We have created this post where we have handpicked 25 quotes on friendship which will make you remember your every friend ever!

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How people are earning a lot of money by flipping products on Amazon

Hey guys, I am hoping you are one of those who are interested in doing some business on your own. Get ready you have arrived at the correct place! A lot of people are flipping on Amazon and earning huge money. Let’s get started on a flipping business in detail.

What is Flipping business?

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5 effective, quick and Simple Yoga Asanas

Wishing you a Happy International Yoga Day. Today I have brought you a set of Yogas, which even the busiest person on this earth can do. Without further delay here are 5 effective, quick and Simple Yoga Asanas. If you or you know someone who is not doing Yoga because of lack of time than it is a must read for you!

Note: If you have any medical condition, do not follow any steps given below without the professional help.

1. Bhastrika Pranayam Asana

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Black Hole – FAQ

So, fellas recently we got a real image of a Black hole thanks to the decades of work of scientists and engineers who helped get the image.

This article is all about Frequently Asked Questions of Black Holes. Leading question is..

Que – Are Black holes real?

Ans – Yes, they are very real, proved by recent captured image of a Black hole which is at center of galaxy Messier 87.

Que – Did Stephen Hawking discovered Black holes?

Ans – That’s a hard NO. Black holes were first predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916 with his general relativity theory. Interesting fact is Einstein did’t coined the term Black hole, it was coined by an American Astronomer named John Wheeler in 1967 and later in 1971 Black holes were discovered.

Que – Black holes… hmm!! Do they come in variants?

Ans – Well yes, technically here variant just means difference in size. But yeah, there are 3 types of Black holes classified as per size.

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