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FaceApp: The app you know but the concerns you don’t know.

By the time you read this you would already have seen some of your friends posting their pictures showing older version of themselves. You might be thinking how did they do that? Well there is an app named “FaceApp” which is available on both iOS and Android. That app has this “old age” filter.

What that app basically does is that takes your pic and then uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to predict how would you look when old. Seems interesting technology right? Well yes it is, AI is now being used in many sectors of computing and has shown promising results, especially in Image processing tasks.

Under the hood, FaceApp uses some Deep learning (Deep learning is a subfield of AI) to predict and create images. Besides Old age filter they also offer other filter and other types of face editing features (in images, not literally). Results generated by FaceApp are quite realistic.

As, AI is highly compute intensive task, these type of editing cannot be done on your phone, so it has to be done on their servers, and for that you have to upload it to their servers and that is a huge privacy concern.

Current Criticism

FaceApp is a Russian based company and recently is being criticised by security professionals due to their “Terms of Use”. They have mentioned in their terms of use following:

You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully-paid, transferable sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly perform and display your User Content and any name, username or likeness provided in connection with your User Content in all media formats and channels now known or later developed, without compensation to you. When you post or otherwise share User Content on or through our Services, you understand that your User Content and any associated information (such as your [username], location or profile photo) will be visible to the public

FaceApp terms of use, Section 5

Previously company also faced criticism when it featured “ethnicity filters” depicting “White”, “Black”, “Asian”, and “Indian”. The filters were immediately removed from the app. That was too racist.

What could happen?

As you can see above, as per company’s terms, it can use your pic wherever they want. Some of you might thing what worse can happen?

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PC builds for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Bit of an Introduction:

Good choice selecting Data Science as a career. Data Science has now become highest paying jobs in IT industry, as data on internet increases day by day, demand of data engineers and data scientist are increasing rapidly.

But as demand increases, increases competition too. So to keep up with the competition one must need fast and stable Computer or Laptop. As both Machine learning and Deep learning requires frequent testing of algorithms or neural networks.

Machine Learning (from now on I will reference it as ML) and Deep Learning (and this as DL) are both compute intensive. DL is a subset of ML. ML model are bit different than DL models. DL model contains Neural nets. Thing is most used ML libraries (in python) doesn’t support GPU, thus they run on CPU but DL libraries (like tensorflow, mxnet,etc) supports Nvidia GPU.

So, if you will just learn ML then you require different specs. As most ML libraries don’t support GPU.

What are your options?

You have two options,

  1. Cloud instances
  2. Creating own PC.
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Why every website must use an SSL Certificate? (Introduction and key benefits)

Hey guys, so we have invited another guest blogger. We want to do this on a regular basis to keep things interesting by introducing you to some quality bloggers/writers. You can know about Virendra at the bottom in his intro. Over to him;

Security should be the number one priority for every website today, as the number of cyber-attacks is rapidly increasing over the years.

This is the era of digital transformation where every business has its website. And anything on the internet is vulnerable to cyber threats. On a website, customers submit their personal information, like contact info, bank details, credit card number, etc. Hence, it is important for every business to ensure that all these data remain secure.

If they lose this data, it can negatively impact the credibility and reputation of the business. Plus, customers and visitors wouldn’t like to visit a website that is not secure. In fact, they will also warn others about the same.

According to a Clark School study at the University of Maryland, hackers attack every 39 seconds.

That’s the reason every website should strengthen its security by installing an SSL Certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

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Top 10 Android “Mission games”

Top 10 android games “mission” based:                  

There are billions of android phone users prevailing in the world which utilizes the android marketplace which is known as the ‘playstore’ for downloading applications of different categories, some at free of cost and quite a few are paid ones. With other categories, playstore also provides the games for the people who love to have an experience of playing high graphics games on their mobile phones. Games are also fraternized into different categories based on the way of playing them. Some of the many genres are arcade games, strategic games, mission games, fps(First person shooter) games and many more. The market of the android application is having quite great boom as it is one of the top used marketplace for android users where most of the applications are available are free of cost and easy to download.

                                Today, we would be discussing about some of the best mission games which I found to be quite popular among the users and their availability in the market. As the name itself suggest, missions are provided to a player which he/she have to accomplished following certain situations and rules which vary according to the mode and the aim of the game. Following is the list of some of the cool games available in the market which may have been published quite a time ago but still a hot cake among the gamers. To ease your hassle, here I have also attached the download links for the games a;



A. Six guns

B. The Dark Knight Rises

C. Gunship battle: Helicopter 3D

D. Rivals at War

E. Dungeon Hunter 5

F. Thor: The Dark World

G. Crime City

H. Iron man 3

I. Elite killer

J. N.O.V.A 3

                      Above is the list of the games available on the playstore which have been selected on the basis of the gaming experience reviewed by some group of the people who are much into the android games and the list may vary according to the taste of other as very few people have same taste;


A. Six Guns

Six Guns has been developed by Gameloft which itself is a top developers for the games across all the platforms. It is a third person action game which provides more than 40 missions having different level. On the note of giving a short description of the game, a player can roam across huge scenes while using different accessories provided in the game. Different surplus accessories like horses,guns,outfits are available and unlocked as the game progresses. Though the graphics are not quite upto the mark for which the gameloft is well known, but it certainly have special element which keeps you addicted to the game. On the personal opinion, I would recommend to try as the story line is quite distinguished from the other available games.


Cost– Free

Download link:-



B. The Dark Knight Rises

Again one of the top games posed by the Gameloft. It was released back in 2012 when the movie TDKR was released. The game is based on the storyline shown in the movie where Batman, Saviour of the Gotham city fights against the evil guy known as Bane who have seized the city under threat. The game provides different missions and gadgets shown in the movie and an open city where one can roam freely, chase the bad guys and other stuffs. It is surely a popular game among the fans of DC comics and Batman who proves their capability to be the protector of Gotham city. The premium version of the game is easily available at the playstore and it can be played offline too.


Cost:- Premium version available at 2$

Download link:-




C. Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D

Gunship battle again is a third person action game where overall 40 missions are provided which has to accomplished by destroying the enemy warcraft helicopters. The game provides multiple helicopters which can be helpful to clear the mission and reach to the boss. A player can pilot the helicopter and destroy the enemy to protect its nation against their enemies. However, the game simulation is not upto the satisfactory mark in comparison to the other prevailing combat mission games, but certainly it is a enjoyable and fun game serving different weapons and missions enough to glue the user with the screen.


Cost:- Free

Download link:-




D. Rivals at War

It is one of the good action/adventure games available at the playstore where you have to recruit the soldiers and create your own squadron with different gadgets like medical kits, radio and many more which are important at the time of battle! Upgradation in the suits, weapons can be done as per the progress done in the gameplay. The graphics simulation are not extra ordinary but enough for one to get stuck with the game. However, many negative reviews have been found about the missions that are impossible to complete, but the game is worth playing in free time.


Cost:- Free

Download link:-




E. Dungeon Hunter 5

It is a 5th installment of the role playing game developed by Gameloft. Here the player have to choose a character from the available choices to fight against the demons who are waiting to be annihilated. The characters varies in the weapons initially provided to them. Radically, the storyline changes as per the selection of the character which is gives an upper hand among the other version of the game. The upgradation in the weapons, armours can be carried out as the game progresses. Minute details have been taken care of and the simulation is also laudable which makes him a top grosser among the RPG games. Also, it provides the feature of playing duel online with the players across the world. Although the premise of the game is very much familiar with the other games but the storyline itself is grasping which makes the user want to play more and more.

Cost:- Free

Download link:-




F. Thor: The Dark World

Again,a comprehensively  creation of Gameloft and Marvels, a boon for the fans. It is based on the storyline shown in the movie Thor: The dark world where the hero fights against the Malekith,t he rule of dark elves who wants to absorb the Asgard into the darkness. Just like other ways ,the upgradation in the Armor and Hammer makes you stronger contender to complete the mission as no mission can be completed in the same way as it was done earlier which makes the game more difficult. Also,o nline leader-board has been provided to show who the real Thor is and by how much points you are lagging with your friends and people around the world.


Cost:- Free

Download link:-




G. Crime city

Crime city is a game where one can roam freely in his city and become a dominant mafia of the town. One can rob a shop, buy new cars, kill the enemy gang members to establish yourself as the biggest mafia. One have to collect money by robbing the shops in the city and buy new cars, garage and weapon armory to compete with the difficult gangs.

Cost:- Free

Download link:-




H. Iron Man 3

A blend of Marvels Avengers and fine work of Gameloft resulted into the production of the game Iron Man 3. It provides the story of a billionaire, playboy Tony Stark, the owner of the Iron suit. One can equip with the Iron suit to complete missions by flying, fighting the evil guys kicking their ass and accomplishing the missions. It provides a great simulation of the graphics which serves a great experience of the Iron suit, a perfect platform for Stark fans.


Cost:- Free

Download link:-




I. Elite killer

It is a combo of First Person shooting game and missions. It constitutes of more than 100 missions which and more than 30 real world weapons. Elite killer is a light game which does not require large amount of space to install but certainly contains quite a good graphics to hold you on your screen as it contains ample of shooting action within the missions.

Cost:- Free

Download link:-




J. N.O.V.A 3

                                   N.O.V.A provides you with the futuristic first person shooter game where you are the savour of the world from the future deadly technologies used by the evil guys. It also contains the feature of playing with your friend offline with great graphics simulation and great missions to be accomplished and achieve rewards.


Cost:- Free

Download link:-


So, these are some of the android games fraternized on the basis of their number of downloads and many other factors. This is Pruthvish Pandya, signing off till next time. Do stay updated about the upcoming contents across different categories by following us on Instagram and Facebook and not to forget about subscribing by pressing the bell icon. Your suggestions are valuable to us, connect with us via mail at or leave a reply by commenting in the below section. Adios!

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