Comparing our evolution to our Ancestors what we have today is more digitization, newer and efficient techniques for our needs which shows how fast we are evolving as homosapiens.

Today everyone is adopting western culture in India, following every single traits like the westerosis, we are lost in a black hole of technical advancement based on western culture that we take less courage to appreciate our own India culture, who taught world the art of living.
We can say our Ancestors were the creators of our cultures and traditions, leaded us to this page of life.

The Ancestors we are talking about were way to smart and creative they build such inspirational civilizations in that period when rest of the world was just living in the stone age knowing much less about what they are made for or even they didn’t knew to cover there bodies with clothes, that’s the main reason everyone in the world was so curious about India and invaded it many times for the quality of life here given by The Indus valley civilization.

Along with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, it was one of three early civilizations of the world. It was a bronze Age civilizations starting from 3300 BC to 1300 BC spread across northeast Afghanistan to Pakistan and northwest India in the basins of the river Indus. Architecture and town planning was assorted way better than other civilizations.

What were Similar and different in early civilizations
Egypt vs Indus

• Both civilization created there own writing system.
• They developed irrigation system to take water from river to there crop fields.
• There younger generation learned there fathers profession quickly.
• They believed in life after death.

• Trading was harappans key element for obtaining raw material.
• Special duties were assigned to Egypt peasants for Pharaoh.
• Kings ruled small Aryan villages.
• The government first formed by Egyptians was Theocracy.
• Women rights were reserved in Egypt.

Mesopotamia vs Indus

• They developed irrigation system to take water from river to there crop fields.
• High place in society was designated to the Priest.
• They were highly dependent on trade and agriculture.
• King or Queen ruled through the city.
• The wool and cotton was there clothing material.

• In Mesopotamia whenever Euphrates river flooded it brought slit.
• Code of laws were created by Hammurabi, which nowadays are translated in many languages.
• Wheels were gift of sumerian from south Mesopotamia.

Indus valley civilization

Primitive men came into existence in India , mesmerised by prosperous and varied heritage many foreign tribes came to India. Modern research says there were many tribes who came and settled in India. Among them were the Negritoit (The Habsi people), Nishad people, Dravidians, Aryans and many more.

“The original tribe who started this Indus valley civilization are believed to be the Dravidians, followed by the Aryans who invaded later”.

The Dravidians:

The direct decendents of stone age civilization and originally belonged to India were the Dravidians. They gave the concept of God and Goddess (Mother as ‘Goddess’ and Father as ‘God’). The traditions of worshiping with ‘Dhup’(incense stick), ‘Deep’(lamp) and ‘Aarti’ are the gifts of Dravidians. They were very skilled and highly peace loving people having matriarchal system of family. They progressed in different crafts and arts like building of boat or raft, weaving, dyeing, etc. Today we can see there decendents speaking tamil, Malayalam, telgu, etc in India.

The Aryans:
The Aryans were the creators of Aryan civilization, Hindus were called Aryans in ancient time. First Aryan population was gathered in the North-west. They were nature lovers and worshiped trees , rivers, mountains, Sun, wind and Rain. They started some religious ceremonies like recitation of Vedas, performing Yagya and other activites which later became prevalent in India. As they came to India with great bunch of knowledge and power, The Dravidians were forced to go down and settle in the south part of India.

“Today Majority of Indians (North, central & west India) belong to the Aryan tribe, our cultures and traditions are creations of the Aryans of Indus valley civilization”.

Of all the other nations India is the one who is built upon traditions, Ethics and values and preaching ‘Satya’ , ‘Prem’ and ‘Karuna’ to world to grow together as one family(“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”), which makes India eye catching for others.

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Author:- Shubham panchal