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Jam Tarts

jam tarts – by pruthvish pandya

While going through over the internet, I came across a recipe depicting a pastry with a bit crunchy crust and garnished different sugar coated cranberries or fruits which is conclusively known as “Fruit Tarts”. To cut the long story short, tarts can be inferred as a open pastry base, filled with different fillings as per the choice. Basically, it is a free-standing baked dish made of flour, some side ingredients and thick filling. Though the recipe seems to be high on calorie side, but there is has been belief that a man who eats appetizing food live much longer and healthier life than the others. Hence, to bring a twist to the original existing recipe, here we are bringing the mouth-watering recipe of tarts,though the name seems to be same but a change has been implemented.




Following are the number of  ingredients used to make the tarts. The proportion of their use is not fixed as it can be varied as per personal requirements.

1. All purpose flour

2. Butter

3. Iodized Cooking salt.

4. Fillings(Jam, chocolate spread, Fruits, strawberry crush etc.)

5. Binding agent

6. Sprinklers




 This dish resembles me of the childhood memories about the biscuit which we used to have, the one with Strawberry Jam on the top along with icing sugar and vanilla cream inside. The recipe described below yields us to the conclusion is quite similar to these biscuits available in the market.Thus, when all the ingredients have been brought together, we are ready to head towards the steps to bring up the tooth sweetening dish.


Step:-1 We would kick off with the recipe by first making the base of the tarts, which is the dough from which thin sheets are going to be prepared. Firstly, mix the all purpose flour(in India, we call it as ‘Maida’) with butter. You can opt for plain white butter or else the other one, only thing that needs to be taken care of is while using plain white butter, you will need to add pinch of salt with the flour. The butter should be in solid state rather than liquid state.

Step:-2 The proportion of Flour to butter should be 1:1 which infers if you are using 250grams of all purpose flour, you need to take atleast 200 grams of butter. Make small pieces of the butter, small enough to bind together with the flour. The dough might seem to be too salty but its taste would be compensated when the filling will be used in the later half.

Step:-3 As a binding agent, one can opt for Egg and Egg yolk. If you are vegetarian and avoid using eggs, then still there is no need to worry. We can opt for bananas. Take care of the quantity of the banana, half or one unit shall be enough to attain the desired consistency. If your batter is too loose to make dough, then add some amount of flour to attain the net consistency.

Step:-4 Prepare the dough, if its too dry and crumble into pieces while making thin sheets, then one can add cold water as we use to prepare the dough for the flat bread(chapati). Make thin sheets from the dough and cut then into medium square pieces by using pizza cutter or kitchen knife.

Step:-5 Now comes the part to add fillings between the sheets. We can use fillings as per our choice, only care needs to be taken is the filling should be low on salt proportion or else it will degrade the overall taste of the tarts. You can opt for mix fruit jam, chocolate spread or fruit crush on the basis of your liking. Here, I am going for mix fruit jam as it would give a sweet and tangy taste to the tarts. Spread the jam on the top of the tart sheets prepared earlier and cover it using another sheet.

Step:-6 To prevent the filling from flowing out of the tarts, use the fork to press the sides of the sheets and close the tart. The other advantage will be the clean and even sides which gives better texture to the dish.

Step:-7 Bake the tarts in the microwave oven for 20-30 minutes at 350° C till the surface turns into golden brown color. Simultaneously, take whipped cream in a bowl and add some amount of the jam which we used for the filling with the purpose of garnishing. Also, the vibrant and contrasting color of the cream gives us the freshness in the dish.

Step:-8 Once the tarts are baked properly in the oven, apply the cream mixed with jam over the tarts, sprinkle icing sugar from the top and refrigerate them for 1 hour and serve them with hot coffee. Following will be the outcome after using the sprinklers on the top.


Similarly, instead of going for strawberry or mix fruit jam, we can also use nutella chocolate spread and follow the same procedure as described above.


                                 If you are stuck anywhere while preparing or have any suggestions for the content, do drop comment bellow and do share with your friends and colleagues and do not forget to subscribe and follow us on Instagram to get notified about the upcoming contents. Its Pruthvish Pandya, bidding Ciao till the next time! Happy Cooking! 🙂

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