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Keri nu Baaflu

          Hello everyone! As the number of days of summer season are passing by, the mercury has started showing his true colours as there is constant increase in the temperature. So today, here I am sharing the first content under the category of Food, a quick recipe of a chilling, tangy flavoured juice which is basically made up from raw mangoes(kachi keri) and other ingredients which can work as a perfect reliever and shield from the sun stroke. This recipe is quite famous among the Gujarati families, which is commonly known as “keri nu baaflu” ,also known as ‘‘aam panna’’. The heat buster juice can be prepared easily within 15 minutes, and can be a great substitute for buttermilk or any other summer drink. The drink is also very high on nutrition values ,also containing ability to prevent and cure multiple diseases.

   Following is the number of ingredients required and the recipe to prepare the juice at home.



i. Raw mangoes

ii. Common Salt

iii. Jaggery

iv. Cumin(in powdered form)

v. Red chilly powder.

vi. Mint leaves(for garnishing)


Everyone cares for the nutritional values of the items which they are consuming. Thus, the recipe has been chosen on the basis of such values which can be beneficial to the body of the consumer. Some of the benefits of the ingredients used in this recipes are as discussed below;


1. Raw mangoes:-


                                        (image source:- google)

A. It prevents the excessive loss of water from the body and          quenches the thirst.

B. Can also be considered a very effective medicine to cure            indigestion, piles and diarrhoea.

C. Highly rich on vitamins.



2. Jaggery:-


A. Helps the liver to get rid from toxins

B. Contains the ability to purify the blood.

C. It helps in maintaining the stomach and body temperature         cool.



3. Powdered Cumin:-


                                          (Image source- google)

 A. It boosts immunity as it is jam packed with iron and                   phosphorous

B. Helps to increase the speed of digesting the food.

C. Treats insomnia.


4. Mint leaves:-


                                         (Image source- google)

A. Can prevent and cure nausea and headache

B. Works as a skin cleanser.

C. Can be helpful to reduce fatigue and depression.





Step:-1  Take the appropriate amount of raw mangoes as per the number of servings you required.(Generally,2-3 pieces of mangoes will yield us to 2 glass of juice)


Step:-2  Peel off the skin of the mangoes and wash them under flowing water(never compromise with your health *wink*) and boil them using pressure cooker(don’t forget to add some water in it). A microwave oven can work as a substitution for pressure cooker, all we need to do is place them in the polythene bag with some of amount of water and heat it in microwave for 5-10 minutes.


Step:-3  Check whether the mangoes are boiled perfectly by verifying its consistency. The mangoes should be quite softer and should be able to squeezed easily with hands(as it needs to be blended in the later step).


Step:-4  Once you get the perfect consistency of the mangoes, add 1/2 table spoon of salt,3/4th table spoon of powdered cumin and a pinch of red chilly powder as per the taste.


Step:-5  Add some amount of jaggery which gives reduces the tangy taste of the mangoes.


Step:-6  Once all the ingredients are mixed well with the mangoes, place them in a bowl and crush them using appropriate utensils.


Step:-7  Another option is to blend them using the electronic hand blender. The consistency of the mixture should be quite thick. Once the satisfactory consistency is achieved, add some amount of chilled water in it, keep it in the refrigerator for sometime and serve it with mint leaves. One can also add ice cubes as it tastes best if served chilled.

                              So here it is, the short and simple recipe which can be quite useful to kill the effects of thumping heat of the sun and give you a cool relaxing drink along with benefits for the body. Follow us on Instagram, and subscribe our site to get notified about the new contents from other categories as well. We will be back soon with a new summer special recipe which can be consumed to tackle the vigorous effects of the heat. Till then if you have any query or suggestion feel free to contact us via mail at

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  1. Swati joshi 18th May 2018

    I want waste out of best recepie like making special dishes from the food which remains after supper.

    • Pruthvish Pandya 19th May 2018 — Post author

      Thanks Swati for commenting. We will soon post a recipe satiating your needs, but we all know how many variety of dishes the Indian supper contains. Hence if you want recipe related to a particular food item like rice, Daal or any other, do let us know 🙂

  2. Anna MV 5th October 2018

    Where can one buy jaggery?

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