Readers is the word we would like to start our story with. It all started with taking up reading as a daily activity or being frank to pass some time from our regular engineering studies. If I forget to say of course we are a group of engineering students from “MECHATRONICS DEPARTMENT” as weird or rare our department is we are definitely not as rare or special students but an average INDIAN students with not so average dreams. So as we go ahead from sharing some amazing different books among each other to sharing each other’s work among the group it was literally like a blog fest as there were multiple categories of work from each friend.

All was not hunky dory as not all were good writers but there was something different which was special in each and every one of our group. But as we know and we ourselves believe “Together we are stronger” then came forward the idea to almost cover every category possible and creating platform that becomes reader’s paradise. As I said not everyone was an ace writer but that’s not what the only thing that matters. Different hands served different purpose from research, marketing to tech and tuned in to a system that yielded our site “Content city”. Our target is to become leading content makers and make some beautiful companions as our reader on this beautiful journey.