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Five Abstains in Buddhism

First Let me clear the dust from the frame of Buddhism, It is a religion that was founded by Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha) more than 2500 years ago in India. Here Buddha means the ‘Enlightened‘ one. The religion historically has been most prominent in the areas like East and South-East Asia and has millions of followers, nowadays its influence is growing in west.

Idol of Buddha

Types of Buddhism:-

It is represented according to the specific geographical areas across the world.

  1. Theravada Buddhism:- They recite mostly in Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma & Laos.
  2. Tibetan Buddhism:- They recite mostly in Tibet , Nepal , Mongolia, Bhutan, Northern India & parts of Russia.
  3. Mahayana Buddhism:– They recite mostly in Japan, Taiwan , China, Korea, Vietnam & Singapore.

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Whenever the line Indian medicinal science is uttered, we all will automatically start imagining of the two legendary sages ‘MAHARISHI SHUSHRUTA’ & ‘MAHARISHI CHARAKA’ who pioneered the ancient Indian medical science.

Medical is such a vast and widespread field. Nowadays every surgeon, doctor, nurses and any other related to medical field studies tons of stuff before they actually become a professional, as their profession directly affects the lives of people. In present scenario their studies and practice are carried under professionals but sometimes they have to pay a huge amount to get certified as professional.

The medical heritage of India is oldest among all. There are evidences of surgical operations, curing diseases & treatment of broken bones since vedic period. Then in 6th century BC and in 2nd century AD the time came where the two great sages ‘MAHARISHI SHUSHRUTA’ & ‘MAHARISHI CHARAKA’ dominated Indian medicinal science respectively.

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History and Strategies of Football Giants

From being religion in majority of countries in Europe to still being very juvenile in India, football like other sports has seen a lot by being branched off from rugby football in 1863 and then the first football association was formed in England, to becoming the biggest sport in world. Though there are claims from around the world that it was played even before that but with no solid evidences.

Evolution has taken its own course in football, starting from being played in an open, hard and uneven pitches to lush green pitches with some skyscraper stadiums, from being played even with bruised knees and broken limbs to diving even at the blow of wind, from no use of headers to headers being one of the deadliest weapon of defenders (Puyol’s heroics against Germany in 2010 campaign, Ramos’s last minute exploits), from being male centric game to being one of the most glamorous sports in world. But irrespective of its evolution and changes, there are some things which is passed on from generations and even now we notice some traditional football styles and strategies of some huge footballing national teams. We are bringing some traditional strategies and playing style right in front of you as World Cup 2018 is less than 1 month away.

  1. Spain: Football is not only religion but a national sport, La Roja’s are one of those teams in world football where the game is worshiped like nowhere. From breathing football to burning buses in clasicos, they have their own way of expressing love for their beloved football. Spaniards played their first game in summer Olympics 1920 in Belgium, hosted FIFA World Cup in 1982, Won Euro 2008 and then went on to win both FIFA World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012 making 2000’s as their golden period.

Source: Google Images

 If we are discussing about Spain’s style of playing and if we uttered the word “possession” and not the famous “tiki-taka”, it would be a crime. Famous for bringing technique, control and precise passing to the world football and which also became their ace strategy during 2000’s winning streak, which produced some finest players like Xavi, Iniesta and Xabi Alonso were the magicians spelling illusion of beautiful technical display, which also became La Liga giants Barcelona’s concept of playmaking.

  1. France: France was one of the first four European teams which participated in inaugural World Cup in 1930 and is one of those 8 teams in the world who have won the competition at least once. They are the first team along with South American Argentina to have won treble of World Cup, Confederation Cup and Olympics in their history of football. The France national football was built in 1904 around same time of FIFA’s foundation on 21 May 1904. France too having national sport as football, the first player to score ever in world cup was French. Along with all the history in their hall of fame, France is the host of most awaited and high profile award Ballon d’or , which is presented in Paris.

Source: Google Images

France football techniques in their earlier times used to bank more on defensive techniques, rather than more of physical form. But that drastically changed with the rise of players like Zidane and Thiery Henry which were perfect combination of technique and strength which literally defined their style of football they played. Les Bleus in their earlier times used to be more dependent on the Legend Michel Platini, who was famous for his set-pieces and passing skills and which helped him win 3 straight ballon d’or titles. Zidane was also ballon d’or winner and was the perfect example of playing style of France. 

  1. ITALY: Azzurri’s have one of the most dramatic history of football. Being one of the most successful teams in the history of world football, they have won 4 World Cup titles, 1 Olympics title and 1 European championship. As strong there silverware numbers are, they too had their share of controversies involving their best player Paolo Rossi who was surrounded by match fixing scandal just before 1982 World Cup. Which also saw complete media blackout by Italian team due to disastrous attitude of media. Italy is the team which remained champions for 16 years, due to Second World War interrupting the Event.

Source: Google Images

Italians are considered as the best defensive side in the world football. The origin of catenaccio or the chain of defense was first introduced to the world in 1950’s by azzurri’s which also introduced concept of sweeper in the defense, where a defender would be present behind the line of defense and would capitalize on loose ball and would double mark when necessary. Counter attacking through long balls was something in their arsenal too and hugely influenced by this tactics were Italians giants Juventus which played with similar tactics and thus the rise of the players such as Bonucci and Chiellini which became successor to all-time best defenders Paolo Maldini and Fabio Cannavaro which influenced italy’s 2006 World Cup challenge (Maldini was not in 2006 national team but still known as one of the best Italian defender.). Italy missed World Cup 2018 and is considered one of the biggest upsets in history of football.

  1. Belgium: Belgium is one of the team which have very low profile tale in their history but still they are one of the top contenders for winning World Cup 2018. Belgium played their maiden match in 1904 and have their names written as holders of 1920 Olympic Tournament. Belgium have long list of unsuccessful qualifiers and missing out on most important matches. This country of 11 million people and having 34 professional clubs climbed to the top of FIFA rankings in 2015 and still are at the 3rd position with 1346 points, only behind Germany and Brazil. The silver line of Belgium football is the contribution of Government in Belgium, where schools were setup for free coaching and 1500 hours of youth football was played at junior level. Which saw rise of many excellent players.

Source: Google Images

Physical play was the one thing in which they always aced. From times of Bosman ruling in Belgium, less technical touch was the problem they were dealing with. But by the end of restrictions, more foreign players started playing for Belgium club football. Which resulted in increase of both physical and technical abilities in both areas of offence and defense were seen. Belgium started its journey climbing at the top with the success of their 20th century hero Paul Van Himst and as its successors, players such as Vincent Kompany, Eden Hazard and recent sensation Kevin de Bryune are the face of Belgium’s World Cup campaign for 2018.

  1. Portugal: Quinas participated in their 1st major tournament at 1966 and was developed in early 1920’s but due to some political rumbles and some major losses in qualification, team was really struggling with quality of football. After World War 2 ended Portugal faced its biggest loss 0-10 against mighty England. But 1995-2006 is considered as biggest foundation for its present generation which is referred as a golden generation in the history of Portugal football. In 2006 Portugal reached finals of Euro Cup only to be knocked down by Greece. Quinas first major title came in the form of Euro 2016, which was the first introduction of their golden generation. Currently Portugal sits at 4th in FIFA rankings with 1306 points.

Source: Google Images

Portugal has produced distinguished superstars starting from Eusebio, Helder Postiga, Hugo almeida, Figo and last but best of all Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal have never been fan of technique, possessions and strategies but they usually build their team around the best player in the squad. Long single handed runs, long balls are something which Portugal uses in their quest of game. Changes in their style of play have been noticed from 2015 after introduction of their so called golden generation but their overdependence on their stalwarts is tedious. Still as in Euro 2016, if Cristiano Ronaldo gets some support from its subordinates which is expected this season and if Cristiano is in form than believe me there is no defense in this world which can stop this Machine.

  1. Brazil:- Canarinhos kick started their International matches back in 1914 where they were thrashed to 3-0 defeat against Argentina. However,the Brazilian side made their first appearance in FIFA World Cup in the year 1930 held in Uruguay. Initially they tasted  success in the  form of win against Bolivia, but unfortunately they lost against  Yugoslavia which eliminated them from the World Cup contendership. Since then, the Canarinhos have never looked back at their past and their dedication through hard work  made them the only team in the world to win Five World cup trophies, the first in the  year 1958. Brazil has also been a prime soil to give birth to talented and hard working  players like Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and recent star player Neymar.

Source: Google Images

When the talk comes about the playing style of Brazilian team, The first word that comes in the mind is “Skills”. The team have always been jam-packed with players having really unparalleled and world class dribbling skills. There would be very scarce moments when the team would be trying to dominate the opposition just on the basis of their Physique. Due to their nature of game,the brazilians have also be nick named as ‘Samba kings”. For the upcoming World cup, the Canarinhos have been top contenders for clinching the trophy for the Sixth time. The team with outstanding experienced defenders like Thiago Silva,Marcelo, David Luiz have the ability to stop the attacks from the opposition and strong midfielder like Casemiro,Paulinho and astetic players like Coutinho and Oscar can create maximum chances for their team. Their Winger like Neymar, Lucas possess the ability to dribble through the wall of defenders or cross towards their centre attackers like Young sensation Gabriel Jesus or Liverpool star Roberto Firmino.

  1. Argentina:- The Argentinian football team has been always on song of victories whether it is World cup or Copa America. Albicelestes(a nickname given to the team based on their football kit) has kissed the title of World Champs twice,back in 1978 and 1986 led by the team’s Silver star Diego Maradona. However,there have been many chances where they lost their nerve and lost in the finals,and surprisingly the opponents on both the time was Germany. Overall this past years, Argentina have qualified for Five times,and it will be their Sixth appearence this year led by their captain The magician, Lionel Messi.

Source: Google Images

When the talk comes about talent,the Argentinian team have never been lacking from the sense of talent and skillfull players. Some of the stars who have cherished themselves in the heart of their fans are Diego Maradona, Gabriel Bastistua, Javier Zanetti, Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez, and their upcoming young sensation Paulo Dybala. When we look at their past,all we can surely say that there is no specific playing style for Argentina. But it is certain that the team’s chances of winning the worldcup for the third time will highly dependant on the form and shooting boots of Leo Messio. However,the team comprises of young as well as experienced players like Macherano, Otamendi,Angel Di Maria and many other players. The team is highly dependent on Messi,hence they would really try to dominate over the other team by playing the possession game and accurate passes would be their key to success. However,the Albicelestes will surely need just more than a Messi magic to thrash the opponents and clinch the for third time as a single person solely can never play against 11 players.

  1. Germany:- German football team,also known as “Nationalmannschaft” have been the most successful team in Fifa World cup after brazil, winning the competition four times. Their latest victory as Champions was back in 2014,when they won against Argentina in the finals. Germans played their first international match back in 1908 against Switzerland where they lost by 5-3. However,since then it has been rare moments when the German team have been unable to replicate their style of game and win the games,making them the most successful football team. Though the Country have been defeated twice in World War, but certainly their football team have never been short of talents by producing players like Oliver Kahn, Phillip Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose and many other players.

Source: Google Images

Germany has always been the toughest contenders to beat because of the depth of players and their technical style of playing. The team surely have one of the best goalkeeper in the world Manuel Neuer and Marc ter Stegen. Also the team consists of long shot takers like Sane,Toni Kroos,the playmaker Mesut Ozil and Strikers like Thomas Muller who can score a brace in blink of an eye. The reason behind their success is also the opportunities given to the young talents to express themselves on the field. Germany’s basic tactics are going to be all about mid field possession and attack the opposite team from the sides by hard pressing. Germans have already shown their scintillating form in Confederations cup held in Russia by winning the competition easily,but the star of the 2014 finals, Mario Gotze has been left out of the squad which might hinder them in the midfield.

  1. England:- English football team(also known as Three lions) has played their first international match back in the year 1870 and won their first ever World cup in the year 1966 on their home turf. Since then, the team has not been able to reflect their potential and talent possessed by their player as their best performance after 1966 world cup was as a semifinalist in Euro 1996. The country has been short of talented players but the spark which is required to perform on the big stages has been kept low. Sir Bobby Charlton, John Charles, David Beckham, Micheal Owen, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney are some of the names of the stars which have highly contributed for their team and outplayed the teams single handed.

Source: Google Images

The English team is known for their dedication, hardworking play and their never to give up attitude on the pitch. This year’s World cup in Russia is more than a opportunity to win the cup,but the opportunity to prove the critics wrong about the statements of Chokers. Players like Dele Alli, Harry Kane,Marcus Rashford are some of the young talents possessed by the squad. If we talk about their style of play,it is going to be more counter attacking game from the wings and press the opposition whenever they can. However, the defence will be a point to talk about this team which includes players like Phil Jones, Keiran Trippier,Danny Rose. It is very well said that there is not that can be predicted in the world of football,but there is one thing that can be predicted about the England,is that they surely need to play as Underdogs and fight hard against big guns to save their reputation from sinking more deeper.

As the world cup 2018 is coming closer, the excitement and buzz among the fans is growing exponentially. It might be the last world cup for some of the highly talented and star players, but on the contrary it will be a perfect platform for the young blazing guns like Dybala, Kimmich, Rashford, Jesus and many more players to make the mark at international level. The teams have started tucking their shoes to get ready for the biggest battle in the world of football to clinch the trophy and embrace the name of their country forever.

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Evolution of Indian cultures and traditions.

Comparing our evolution to our Ancestors what we have today is more digitization, newer and efficient techniques for our needs which shows how fast we are evolving as homosapiens.

Today everyone is adopting western culture in India, following every single traits like the westerosis, we are lost in a black hole of technical advancement based on western culture that we take less courage to appreciate our own India culture, who taught world the art of living.
We can say our Ancestors were the creators of our cultures and traditions, leaded us to this page of life.

The Ancestors we are talking about were way to smart and creative they build such inspirational civilizations in that period when rest of the world was just living in the stone age knowing much less about what they are made for or even they didn’t knew to cover there bodies with clothes, that’s the main reason everyone in the world was so curious about India and invaded it many times for the quality of life here given by The Indus valley civilization.

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