Bit of an Introduction:

Good choice selecting Data Science as a career. Data Science has now become highest paying jobs in IT industry, as data on internet increases day by day, demand of data engineers and data scientist are increasing rapidly.

But as demand increases, increases competition too. So to keep up with the competition one must need fast and stable Computer or Laptop. As both Machine learning and Deep learning requires frequent testing of algorithms or neural networks.

Machine Learning (from now on I will reference it as ML) and Deep Learning (and this as DL) are both compute intensive. DL is a subset of ML. ML model are bit different than DL models. DL model contains Neural nets. Thing is most used ML libraries (in python) doesn’t support GPU, thus they run on CPU but DL libraries (like tensorflow, mxnet,etc) supports Nvidia GPU.

So, if you will just learn ML then you require different specs. As most ML libraries don’t support GPU.

What are your options?

You have two options,

  1. Cloud instances
  2. Creating own PC.
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