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Kovaikkai Chutney

Kovaikkai is the Tamil pronunciation of the vegetable which is known as “Tindora” or “Tinde” in Hindi.  I came across this recipe when I went to my cousin’s place and the dish was prepared along with complete South Indian meals by my aunt who is a super chef and a homemaker. Since having it for the first time, I am in madly love with the taste of it as the dish is a bit on the spicier side and we Indians always love spicy food. The chutney is actually served along with other dishes in South Indian meals and consumed along with steamed rice. Starting with the procedure, the following is the list of ingredients required to prepare the dish;




Ivy gourd(Tinde)                  200 gm

Onion                                        1 pcs

Green Chilly                           3-4 pcs

Ginger                                       1 pcs

Garlic                                        3-4 pods

Tamarind                                20 gm

Cooking oil                             4-5 tbsp

Mustard seeds                     1 tbsp

Salt                                            As per the taste

Curry leaves                        5-6 pcs



Step-1 Cut the ivy gourd in long thin strips and dice the onion into small pieces so that they can be ground later easily.


Step-2 Heat 2 tbsp of cooking oil in a pan. Chop small pieces of garlic, ginger, green chilly and add them in the pan.


Step-3 Stir fry for few minutes until garlic turns golden brown in color. Once done, add diced onion and ivy gourd in the pan along with a small piece of tamarind. Allow the vegetables to cook for some time without covering the pan with a lid.


Step-4 Allow the mixture to come at room temperature when it is cooked. When the mixture gets cooled, transfer it into the mixing bowl. After adding salt to it, grind the mixture with the help of a mixture grinder.


[Note:- While grinding, do not add any amount of water as it will make the paste too loose in consistency.]


Step-5 While grinding, simultaneously heat 2 tbsp of oil in a pan and once it gets heated, add curry leaves and mustard seeds. When the seeds get popped, add the prepared paste in the pan and allow it to cook for 5 minutes. Once it is done, your chutney is ready to be served along with steamed rice.



That’s it for this time! If you have any doubt, suggestion, or any recipe whose recipe you want us to share with you, then do comment below. For regular updates on our latest activities and blogs, do follow us on social media platforms like twitter, facebook, Instagram. You can check my previous blogs at https://contentcity.net/blog/category/food/ .Till next time, Its Pruthvish Pandya signing off. Happy Cooking 🙂

Kathirikai Kulambu

Hello Readers!

Today I am sharing a recipe of tempting and delicious Indian curry which is heavily popular among the people from the southern part of India. It is known as Kathirikai(Brinjal) Kulambu. I personally came across this dish when I visited Chennai quite a few years ago. And since then, I always crave for this dish to be made at home.


The dish is accompanied with steaming rice and Appalam(papad). The recipe will take about 30 minutes of cooking time, but an extravagant taste is guaranteed. Following is the list of the ingredients which are required to prepare the dish;


All the ingredients are divided into two parts;

Ingredients for frying:

  1. Onions                                             2 pcs
  2. Tomatoes                                       1 pcs
  3. Small brinjals                                2 pcs

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Vermicelli Upma

Upma(also known as Uppumavu or Uppittu) is a breakfast dish, traditionally prepared from coarse rice flour. But as time changed, the dish has also transformed into many avatars like Rawa upma, Corn upma etc. Hailing from the horizons of the southern part of India, it makes obvious that the dish is quite famous among the people of South India, but it is also quite well known in the other parts as well.

Today, I would be sharing one of the avatars of traditional upma, which is prepared using Vermicelli noodles ( the main ingredient of “Seviyan Kheer”). This type of noodles is thin and short in comparison to spaghetti. The preparation time for this recipe is quite short and does not require any fancy ingredient.

Following is the list of all the ingredients which we require to prepare this breakfast recipe;

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