4 Short Motivational Stories Everyone Should Read

As a blogger, I have this privilege of reading a lot of stuff regularly to come up with some quality work. Today I am sharing 4 short motivational stories which I came across. I hope you like these stories that everyone should read, let’s dive in!

1. One from my favorite book ‘The Alchemist’.

“A certain shopkeeper sent his son to learn about the secret of happiness from the wisest man in the world.

The lad wandered through the desert for forty days, and finally came upon a beautiful castle, high atop a mountain. It was there that the wise man lived.”Rather than finding a saintly man, though, our hero, on entering the main room of the castle, saw a hive of activity: tradesmen came and went, people, were conversing in the corners,
a small orchestra was playing soft music, and there was a table covered with platters of the most delicious food in that part of the world.

The wise man conversed with everyone, and the boy had to wait for two hours before it was his turn to be given the man’s attention.”The wise man listened attentively to the boy’s explanation of why he had come but told him that he didn’t have time just then to explain the secret of happiness. He suggested that the boy look around the palace and return in two hours. ‘Meanwhile, I want to ask you to do something,’ said the wise man, handing the boy a teaspoon that held two drops of oil. ‘As you wander around, carry this spoon with you without allowing the oil to spill.’

“The boy began climbing and descending the many stairways of the palace, keeping his eyes fixed on the spoon. After two hours, he returned to the room where the wise man was. ‘Well,’ asked the wise man, ‘did you see the Persian tapestries that are hanging in my dining hall? Did you see the garden that it took the master gardener ten years to create?. Did you notice the beautiful parchments in my library?’
“The boy was embarrassed and confessed that he had observed nothing. His only concern had been not to spill the oil that the wise man had entrusted to him. ‘Then go back and observe the marvels of my world,’ said the wise man. ‘You cannot trust a man if you don’t know his house.’

“Relieved, the boy picked up the spoon and returned to his exploration of the palace, this time observing all of the works of art on the ceilings and the walls. He saw the gardens, the mountains all around him, the beauty of the flowers, and the taste with which everything had been selected. Upon returning to the wise man, he related in detail everything he had seen.” ‘But where are the drops of oil I entrusted to you?’ asked the wise man. “Looking down at the spoon he held, the boy saw that the oil was gone.

 ‘Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you,’ said the wisest
of wise men.

‘The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon.’ 

2. The Caterpillar.

I thought about my grandfather. When I was a kid, he once told me that when he was young, he used to love playing with butterflies.
One day he watched a caterpillar shedding its cocoon. But it seemed to be having trouble and wasn’t making any progress. So, in an effort to be helpful, he pulled out his penknife and cut off the remaining pieces of the cocoon. But rather than emerging as a precious butterfly, the caterpillar quickly died.
My grandfather said that he later learned that it needed to experience the struggle of moving through the cocoon to grow into a butterfly. And by preventing this from happening, he denied the caterpillar the chance to fly.

3. The Father and Son Conversation.

Son: Father? (looking confused)

Father: Yeah?

Son: What is the value of my life?

Father: Son, take this rock. And sell it in the market. If anybody asks the price, just rise 2 fingers and don’t say anything.

best motivational stories

* The boy went to the market*

A lady customer at the market: How much is this rock kid? I want to put it in my garden.

Son: Raises 2 fingers, doesn’t say a word.

Lady: 2$, I will take it.

*The boy ran and went to his father*

Son: Dad, the lady at the market wants to buy this at 2$!

Father: Son, I want you to take this rock to a museum. If anybody asks for the price, just raise 2 fingers and don’t say anything.

*The boy then went to a museum*

The Museum Man: What’s the price kid?

Son: Raises 2 fingers and keeps mum.

Museum Man: 200$ great, I will buy it.

*The boy ran and went to his father*

Son: Dad, the guy wants to buy it in 200$!

Father: Son, finally I want you to take this stone at a precious stone store.

*The boy goes to a precious stone store*

Storekeeper: Are you kidding me, where did you find this stone? This is one of the rarest stone on the Earth! I must have it.

Son: Raises 2 fingers and says nothing.

Storekeeper: 2 Million dollars, I will surely take this.

*The boy ran and went to his father*

Son: Dad, a guy wants to buy this at 2 Million.

Father: You see son, it doesn’t matter where you come from. Where you were born what is the color of your skin. It matters where you decide to place yourself. The people you surround yourself with and how you choose to carry yourself.

You may have lived your whole life thinking that your worth is 2$. Because the people around you might think that your worth is 2$. But everybody has a diamond inside them and we can surround ourselves with those people who can see that diamond. We can choose to place ourselves at the market or at the precious stone.

Son, there will be many people who won’t recognize the diamond inside you, but you don’t worry because not everyone possesses such skill. Always look out for diamond inside others and be close with the ones who can see your diamond.

4. We’ll See.

A farmer had only one horse. One day, his horse ran away.

His neighbors said, “I’m so sorry. This is such bad news. You must be so upset.”

The man just said, “We’ll see.”

A few days later, his horse came back with twenty wild horses following. The man and his son corralled all 21 horses.

His neighbors said, “Congratulations! This is such good news. You must be so happy!”

The man just said, “We’ll see.”

One of the wild horses kicked the man’s only son, breaking both his legs.
His neighbors said, “I’m so sorry. This is such bad news. You must be so upset.”

The man just said, “We’ll see.”

The country went to war, and every able-bodied young man was drafted to fight. The war was terrible and killed every young man, but the farmer’s son was spared since his broken legs prevented him from being drafted.

His neighbors said, “Congratulations! This is such good news. You must be so happy!”

The man just said, “We’ll see.”

Moral: If you didn’t get it then, wait for my next blog ;). The whole blog is coming on this moral. How you will get the info about my next blog?
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By: Shivam Joshi

Contact: shivam@contentcity.net


  1. Awesome Brother. Liked this statement “Always look out for diamond inside others and be close with the ones who can see your diamond”.
    Keep it up. #MoretoCome

  2. You have brought up a very excellent points, appreciate it for the post.

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