Top 10 Giant Food Dishes Across the World

This blog is actually dedicated to all the people across the globe, having “Ginormous” appetite and capacity to eat. Ever wondered what can match your level of appetite, then here is the list of the food dish which is surely made and served for the people like you.


  1. Ever got a chill? Have this Ice Kachang!

This enormous tower of ice kachang is served at restaurant Pondok Pantai located at Tanjung beach of Thailand. The sweet gigantic tower is loaded with generous amount of ice creams along with sweet syrups, a mound of ice and fruits to give a punchy taste. Well, I guess its one of the best dish to have if you are in love with diabetes and want to hug it forever!


2. Are you are ‘Su-Shil’ enough to have this Sushi?

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Served at Umewaka Resort in Anjo city of Japan, this gigantic 8-inch thick consists of as many as 24 healthy ingredients which can be your breakfast, lunch as well as dinner for a few days. So, all health freak people, your road to healthy heaven goes through Anjo city.

3. Can you overcome the “ King of Parathas”?

To all paratha lovers, the place named as Tapasya Paratha Junction, located in Rohtak city of Haryana, India serves 24-inch paratha which is equivalent to 4 regular sized parathas. It weighs around 250 gm and the owner of the restaurant challenges the customers if they can complete 3 such parathas within 50 minutes, then you will be served food at the restaurant till the last breathe of your life completely free! It gives INR 1 lakh to the winner of this challenge as well. All the “free” thing lovers, you can surely bet at the place to show your dedication towards free items at this restaurant.


4. Have you ever been to Burgerking? Then surely you don’t wanna miss this Burger King.

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This gigantic Colossal Burger is served at Screen Door Cafe,  Tennessee state of U.S. It consists of two humungous beef patties, a generous load of Ham, hearty amount of melted cheese and a perfect amount of veggies on the top. Oh! don’t forget grilled onions and sauces. I guess, even the snap of Thanos cannot finish this thing off!


5. This shake is surely gonna make your “shake” your head negatively!

(Image Source:- Google search)

Have you ever been to those expensive cafes which serve you so-called giant shakes? Have you struggled to complete those tiny sweet monsters? If no, then you should probably meet their daddy. The giant shake is served at Cafe2TwentyFour in Australia. Guessing how big it is? Oh! Did I mentioned that the jar comes with a tap to have a go at the big daddy shake!


6. How hard it was for Shinchan and his family to complete that bowl of noodles and get it for free? Go try it by yourself…

Pho Cafe of Seattle, U.S serve the world’s largest Pho noodles in the world. A single bowl will contain almost 1.3 kg of meat and noodles and takes around 4 days to prepare this dish? Those who take “You live Only Once(YOLO)” seriously, why don’t you give this monster a try?


7. You are surely gonna scream after having this Ice-cream

It is really tough to decide which flavor to have on your soft serve cone. And, to your rescue comes Daily Chico of Tokyo, Japan. To clear the clouds of selection problem, this outlet serves 40 cm tall soft serve cone which is loaded with 8 different flavors of ice cream, which is Matcha, Melon, Ramune soda, caramel, chocolate, milk, coffee and strawberry on the top. Now, that’s what I call a real “tooth sweetener”.



8. Hailing from the city of cowboys, here comes the Texas Ranger…

Wondering how many chicken wings can you have at a go? Then surely you need to check this place. Located in Texas,  U.S , The Lulu’s Bakery serves 21-ounce giant fried chicken, topped with loads of cheese gravy. You can this big fat chicken for free, only if you finish it in 12 minutes. Surely this is finger licking good.


9. You don’t need a time machine to meet this King!!

King Carlos V Torta, served at Los Reyes De La Torta in Arizona,  U.S. this royal king comes with 9 different types of meat and cheese. Starting with the layer of beans, then comes pork, sausage, chicken, ham, Chuleta and what not! And not to forget a layer of Omelette and melted cheese. Large enough to not get into your mouth easily. This provides the reason why one cannot open his mouth in front of a king (*Wink*).


10.  For all eggetarians, here is a treat for you!

This omelette is made up of more than five thousands of eggs, which is about 14 eggs per day. This dish is prepared only once a year Abbeville’s Giant Omelette Festival, held at Louisiana, U.S. because the doors to heaven do not get open every day. 😛


The list can go as long as your love for food, but for me, these are the top 10 Giant dishes served across the globe. Do follow us on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter to get regular updates on attractive contents across different categories, till next time, it’s Pruthvish Pandya bidding adieu. Keeping smiling and eating because nothing is more satisfactory than a Burp!

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  1. nurseryrhymesgirl

    2nd April 2019 at 10:56

    I love food 🙂 Sometimes It can change our mind.

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