Shall we learn about how to end things?

It has been ages since humanity has existed. We are in an age where people have started taking disciplines and social behavior seriously. However, there are still certain things that we are struggling to learn! In fact, we are horrible in this one particular thing which humans still need to learn is, How to end things?

As I am writing this blog after a long time, I might be a little rusty, so I am starting right away.

We are highly civilized and cultured only in starting things. In relationships, there are a lot of things and materials on how to start well. Although, hardly anyone speaks about how we should end it!

I will flash some instances for example which will clear things up to some extent.

a) When we go to meet someone and we want to impress them!

When things don’t work out with the same person. How we end it?

b) The beautiful setting before dinner.

Dinner Setting

The situation after we have eaten.

After dinner visuals

c) A boss and the employee when things are going well.

Employee and Boss

Now when an employee leaves or boss fires.


By showing these 3 situations, what I want to explain is that we literally suck at ending things.

We know every damn trick, etiquette, and the behavior while starting things. While we abuse, misbehave and curse when we end even the smallest things.

Our grace gets tossed away when we know we no longer need to continue what we are doing. We are not going to get any benefits further. We don’t care who is going to take the place we leave, and we make complete mess of it.

Small things such as cleaning where you sat before leaving that place, cleaning a piece of equipment after you did your workout at the gym, giving a warm goodbye to a person you might never meet or talk again. These little things speak volumes about yourself!

Its not how graceful you are when things are going well, its about how much of your grace stays, once things starts working against you.

– Shivam Joshi

I hope this blog was worth your time. If you have some insights on how to end things, write it in the comment section. I would love to hear from you all.

Until then, keep a close tab on Content City and your grace when you end things 😉

By: Shivam Joshi


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  1. I liked the topic.. yes sure we should learn about how to end things in good ways… But its the human nature.. when they dont like anything, when things dont go the way they want to… Everything messes up.. and they get upset about it. and then they end up with bad situation. But the cruel reality is that everyone is mean. People nowadays dont see the feelings of the person. They just think about themselves. They just want money. And sad thing is we are grown with this mentality. And we can’t even change the people’s nature. Its the way it is. All we can do is change ourselves and grow future generation with good humanity and giving them motto of being happy in place of running after money and selfishness!!!

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