Well if like me, you like to watch some quality content than this is for you! These Netflix series are of top-notch quality and may be new to you. Honestly, I haven’t watched each and every one of them but I have a few of my roommates who have watched them all. I thought of getting a list of top series from their long list of shows which they have watched.

These are handpicked and authentic list of series which can make your day. Go ahead and try yourself.

I have put some stars in a bracket beside the name of every series.

More the number of * = Highly Recommended

Black Mirror (*)

Description: Black Mirror

The Office (*)

Description: The Office

Ozark (*)

Description: Ozark

Riverdale (*)

Description: Riverdale

Our Planet (*)

Description: Our Planet

Peaky Blinders (*)

Description: Peaky Blinders

Limitless (*)

Description: Limitless

Money Heist (**)

Description: Money Heist

Selection Day (**)

Description: Selection Day

Mindhunter (***)

Description: Mindhunter

Wild Wild Country (***)

Description: Wild Wild Country

Delhi Crime (***)

Description: Delhi Crime

Dark (****)

Description: Dark

So this was the list of some awesome series on Netflix. I hope you try some and if you like or dislike them, please respond to us on the comment section or through Email or Social Media

Till then, Happy binge-watching!

By: Shivam Joshi

Contact: shivam@contentcity.net